Drill Doctor – TV Drives Niche Success for a Drill Bit Sharpener


Traditional product testing showed very low interest in Drill Doctor because consumers didn’t know the benefits they would get from being able to sharpen  drill bits.

This meant that generating interest in Drill Doctor  required long-form communication showing the value of sharpening bits as well as the reasons the Drill Doctor is an exceptional sharpener.

What We Did

Atomic started with message research — both focus groups and quantitative. Through this, we learned 6 important values delivered by sharpening drill bits (e.g. “keep your momentum going so you get more done.”)

Then, we created a ½ hour infomercial for the Drill Doctor using powerful demonstrations and clear communication to prove that the Drill Doctor is an outstanding sharpener.


The show first aired in November 2001 and became the longest continually running tool infomercial in history. It delivered solid TV sales and tremendous impact at retail. In fact, fully 1/3 of retail purchasers “first learn” about the Drill Doctor from the infomercial. Even more important, on-air sales remained strong even after 7 years on-air.

Since the infomercial’s release, over 2.5 million Drill Doctors have been sold on-air and at retail through a combination of direct to consumers and retail sales. This is astounding for a product where ½ of purchasers own arc welders — the “I’ve arrived” tool of the intense DIY’s.

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