Kreg Tool – Bringing a Pocket-Hole Jig to a New Audience


Kreg makes joining wood simple. Even more importantly, being able to join wood is the gateway to an entire realm of “building with wood”. However, the do-it-yourself market was not aware of Kreg, Kreg Joint simplicity, and how the result opens up an entire world of building and repair.

What We Did

Atomic first developed an in-store sales video. Then we used the video for sales-oriented research. This research clearly showed that the Kreg was a strong solution for do-it-yourselfers who wanted to build with wood but had been intimidated by the expertise they feared they needed to be a “woodworker”.

Our ½ hour show demonstrates how easy it is to build quality wood projects with Kreg regardless of the skill level of the builder. (After all, “if you have a drill, a saw, and a Kreg, you can build about anything.”) And, this show expands Kreg’s brand by building the promise that Kreg is a company with woodworking knowledge DIY’s can depend on.


During the dramatic start of the economic crisis in the fall of 2008, Atomic’s new ½ hour show for the Kreg Jig was tested and beat the on-air sales goal by 20%. As the campaign has rolled out, direct sales results have continued to improve despite the deepening crisis. The show has dramatically increased web traffic and interest in the product, and retail sales for the Kreg Jig have risen to become one of the top 5 tools at Lowe’s, Rockler, and

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