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Do Ad Agencies Serve Clients or Their Own Bottom Line? It’s Tricky.

In 2012 I wrote a blog post motivated by a letter penned by a departing Goldman Sachs executive. The letter had appeared in the New York Times. If you haven’t…

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Longer Spots, Better Results: Keys for a Killer 2-minute Spot

This original article appeared in the March 2016 edition of Response Magazine. It is slightly modified.
Longer TV spots — 60 and 120 seconds — are a staple of response-measured…

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Housewares 2016: Where Did the Innovation Go?

A week ago I returned from my trip to the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The show remains quite vibrant despite over a decade of fears for its demise.

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Why was Azek at New York Fashion Week?

This year New York Fashion Week was greeted by Azek – a new advertiser hoping to reach women. But for Azek, a brand unknown to consumers, the campaign fails on…

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Driving Success for Innovative Products in the Hostile World of Retail

I’ve spent a career introducing innovative new products at retail and know how challenging it is to make
You can’t expect innovation to sell if you wait to educate consumers…

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Consumer IoT Needs TV – But Not “Business as Usual” TV

Why do companies stop thinking outside the box when it’s time to go to market?
If you hang around the centers of innovation in tech you’ll hear about cleverness and…

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Doug Garnett is Now Blogging at

Thanks for checking out my blog. As companies change our needs change. So we have moved my blogging activity. All my new posts will be published at:
My older…

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Kickstarter’s COOLEST COOLER Can Teach Us a Digital Lesson

A few months ago I wrote a perspective comparing the products sold on Kickstarter with those sold after the typical vetting before a product hits retail. And there’s no question:…

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Plant, Water, and Harvest: 7 Rules for Media Attribution

The following first appeared in Response Magazine, December 2015. Some slight edits have been made (link here).
The idea of highly accurate attribution is all the rage. And it…

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“Business as Usual” Marketing Fails Another Innovative Product: Titanium Coated Sewing Needles

Art quilt courtesy Judith Quinn Garnett.
Product innovation is the lifeblood of consumer hardgoods companies. And I’ve spent my career using communication to get maximum business impact for innovative products.…

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