White’s Electronics – Start Your Metal Detection Hobby


White’s Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end recreational metal detectors ($600 to $1200). White’s came to Atomic seeking new spots at exceptional lead rates. They had one spot that delivered good lead rates and a number of other spots which hadn’t.

What We Did

Atomic started by learning what worked about the existing spot —too often agencies don’t take the time to look at what works.

Using both qualitative and quantitative phone surveys, we learned the communication that moved consumers to action. With results in hand, Atomic developed new :30 second spots with higher-quality creative (though low budget in general terms) that delivered the key messages. We shot metal detecting footage in film and super-imposed testimonial comments. This captured the “sense” of the recreational value of detecting while keeping our message simple and clear.

Atomic also developed a response video featuring in-depth information to help purchasers select the best detector for their needs. This showed the unique advantages of White’s detectors.


Atomic’s spots delivered the lead rates White’s needed and have driven White’s business for six years. Our response video remains a staple of their lead conversion efforts.

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