Why use DRTV?

Fight Back Against Low Margins

DRTV is the Hardware Industry’s Most Cost Effective Way to Regain Marketing Power

Hardware and tool manufacturers today face difficult times. Channel demands have decreased prices to the point where manufacturers face historically low margins. At the same time, narrow retail margins have forced retailers to aggressively develop private label products.

Ordinarily, communication would be a superb response that would benefit both manufacturer and retailer – because communication increases margins and creates brand value. Unfortunately, margins are now so low that few communication options are available.

This is where DRTV’s power comes alive. DRTV delivers the amazing communication power of television, but at a fraction of the cost — and with the potential that profit from direct sales might even pay for all advertising costs.

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Deliver Demonstration to a Mass Audience

Increase Margins

Drive New Product Introductions

Build Brand While Selling Product

Bring a Shelf Potato to Life

Differentiate Your Product

Measure Your Advertising ROI - Even at Retail

Anchor an Integrated Campaign

Solve Challenges at the Store

DRTV does the communicating you need to demonstrate your product and make the sale.